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Welcome to Actorsmix – a blog where you could find some interesting information and contemplations on actors and actresses and the movies they play in. You would be very welcome also to give opinion, share critics and most of all contribute.

I decided to split this blog in several major categories that emphasize mainly on actors, their performances in different movies and/or specific movie scenes. Those categories could be changed or replaced at some point for the purpose of content optimization or due to a request from you guys. So please send recommendations and ideas how the content could be optimized and organized to suit your needs and interest.

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The initial categories will be the following:

Chameleons – it will be about best actors’ play in different movies in completely different roles but making it look natural and as a result delivering quite powerful performance. (more info…)

List of posts on “Chameleons”

Character evolution – this page and the post that will follow will have a deeper look at the character an actor/actress present. Its purpose would be to give examples how every person has a “breaking point” that leads to a major change in their understanding, behavior model and basically how the specific character starts to pursuit and in many movies actually achieves what they think is right to them.

List of posts on “Character evolution”

Best movie scenes ever – this will be a major starting point with the idea of showing the best movie scenes by subcategories. I think it will be quite interesting

List of posts on “Best movie scenes ever”

Thank you and have fun!

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