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This is the point where I would like to start a separate branch of posts regarding the transformations of the actors themselves. What I mean is that e.g. in one movie you see Hugh Jackman operating huge robots in the boxing matches of the future and in another one he is the inventor of elevators, an aristocrat with refined manners and behavior. Another example would be Christian Bale as a psychopath in one scenario and the savior of entire city in another or just a war captive in a third one.

I will elaborate more later on but the point is that really good actors are able to represent completely different characters so good that it looks as if they were born to play that role. Again, I will just put a very simple list as a starting point that I would love to extend later.

I have great admiration for this actor because he is able to play so many different characters not only in separate movies but in one single movie too. Just great!

I think this guy is the best at performing completely different roles – he could be а secret agent, an identity thief and murderer, a science genius and a hooligan who doesn’t care about anything at the same time, an oil company representative or the owner of a zoo. No matter what he plays, I can say without hesitation that his performances always stand out. Just brilliant!

Another great example of performing live art in different situations and characters

From a romaticist on a sinking ship to an under cover agent and inventor, Leo has made many remarkable roles in the past decade impersonating characters of various kind

I think George Clooney has gone a long way from his performance at the ER series to the one he is delivering right now and that makes him one the most famous and highly paid Hollywood stars. He also belongs to this list due to his outstanding performance as a thief or a company representative who should fire you or if we go back in time a little bit – as an action hero and peacemaker (As soon as I get the chance I’d love to upload the short car chase scene from the movie).

Already mentioned in the introduction and again he is able to play various characters

He is able not only to embrace completely different character features from one movie to another, but also to undergo impressive physical transformations

From an action hero to a hero against the horrors of a genocide and even performing quite well in romantic movies I can bravely say Liam Neeson should be also a part of this list

Maybe it will become clear that I am a huge fan of this actor but I think the reason is that he is really good at what he is doing. It doesn’t matter if he is a lawyer or he fights against the crime or for his teenage love, I think he makes a performance to remember every time.

Whether a gladiator, a corrupt mayor or a math genius Russel Crowe makes it really good.

No matter if he is cannibal or tries to survive in the wilderness or just looks for his long gone daughter, Anthony Hopkins makes a remarkable performance.

Gangster, corrupt detective, negotiator and much more, he is playing them all with very distinct and recognizable style.

He could be a scientist struggling to find a cure for a zombie outbreak, a police officer from the future fighting robots, and MIT genius who lost everything at the blink of an eye or just a father in pursuit of a better life. Fascinating emotional experience in many different life situations!

Of course there are more actors and actresses who are able to play different roles but as mentioned this is only an initial impression and conclusion after watching some of the famous movies out there released in the past few years. This is my personal opinion and I will greatly appreciate if you can give me more examples so that I can extend this short list and make it more versatile. Much greater female presence is clearly needed.

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