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Leonidas vs. 300 North Koreans

June 29, 2013

You couldn’t have forgotten Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his brave 300 against the Persian army where every single Spartan is a one-man army. Well, in “Olympus has fallen” Gerard Butler is once again a one-man army in present days. He is an ex-Secret Service agent who happens to be in the right place at the right time and manages to save the world from a nuclear crisis and even more.

olympus-has-fallen“Olympus has fallen” is a pretty decent action flick with many visual effects, shootouts and the one thing missing is maybe a body counter. But please don’t try to think of the numerous plot holes that emerge one after the other because they may turn out to be even more than the people Butler kills in the movie. The story is about some North Korean terrorist group that manages to turn the White House into ruins and take the President of the US as a hostage. Their goal is to launch some “genius” super system that is able to launch a nuclear apocalypse in the US. The one thing standing between this plan and its fulfillment is Gerard Butler. Although for 18 months he hasn’t been a Secret Service agent he seems to have gotten even better and better and while all his currently active colleagues act like stupid targets at a shooting range, he is an indestructible killing machine.

Two things distinguish “Olympus has fallen” from the late 80s action movies all with body counters. The first thing are the killings in cold blood without much talking which seem to become popular in some recent actions/thrillers. The other thing is the presence of famous actors like Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart who manage up to a point to keep up the level of the movie but it’s just not enough. Even the great Morgan Freeman is not persuasive enough.

I think the movie’s biggest flaw and maybe at the same time main source of spectacular scenes is the reaction of all of other Secret Service agents, police, military etc. who act as if they just want to be shot down, just to allow Gerard Butler to be the only one standing. I appreciate though couple of scenes with the participation of the eternal Gatling gun as a part of a concept weapon called “Hydra” which is able to take down half a dozen of helicopters within coupe of seconds.

As a conclusion, “Olympus has fallen” is an excellent action movie for the criteria of the late 80s/early to mid 90s where the one-man armies were very popular. But hey, I thought that concept had its time in the past and it is high time to move on with something more innovative.


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