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John McClane forever

June 22, 2013

Die hard with a vengeance” and “Live free or die hard” are the best movies from the “Die hard” sequels. I think Bruce Willis is pretty good in all of them but it is the directing and script that make the difference in those two specific installments. The fifth movie was a pretty good example that Bruce Willis alone can’t make the movie stand out and the end result was pretty shallow.

diehard3Summer in the city

The third movie is almost twenty years old but it is still one of the best action movies of all time. Bruce Willis teams up with Samuel Jackson and I must say they make quite a good team against the villain Jeremy Irons. I think the working formula that leads to the successful result is the constant dynamic of dragging officer McClane and his partner across whole New York so that they can solve some tasks of the twisted plot of Jeremy Irons and prevent bombs from detonating across the crowded city. As usual the goal of the villain is to steal a lot of money and the thing that distinguishes it from other similar stories is the scale. Jeremy Irons steals all the gold in the Federal Reserve which equals some 140 billion dollars. The nice thing is that unlike many contemporary action thrillers where the bad guys steal all the money through some complicated scheme with a computer program or virus, in “Die hard 3” it is just the brutal force approach. Just blow up something, let the cops chase their tales, bring in the heavy hardware and take the gold.

John McClane is an old school tough cop who has seen enough from all sorts of criminals and he is just good at finding them and killing them all with minimum collateral casualties. Watching the third movie you will see the cult crazy taxi driving across Central Park, the great scenery of New York at the beginning of the movie that at once turns into a huge detonation and much more.

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)Timex in the digital age

In the forth movie Bruce Willis is a senior detective and he is just as old school as he always has been. This time the villain is the computer genius Timothy Oliphant (Thomas Gabriel) who is pretty good at his role. John McClane’s side kick in this installment is the computer hacker Justin Long. They both manage to systematically trace and kill Thomas’ villain crew and save the entire country from the so called “fire-sale” where Timothy Olyphant after all is naturally again after all the money.

“Die hard 4.0” is awesome twelve years after its predecessor because it puts against each other John McClane’s old school but effective techniques and the weapons of the digital age where everything is manipulated by computers and is somehow vulnerable if you know how to beat the system. Bruce Willis’ tactics leave as usual a trail of destruction after him in his path of finding and killing the bad guys, but this is the key to the success of the movie. At the end of the movie there is a little cheese in the plot where the bad guy decides to kidnap McClane’s daughter and use her as a bargaining chip but hey, it is a small disadvantage in the overall good impression.

According to IMDb in 2015 we should expect another movie with the eternal John McClane where he is supposed to die hardest. Stay tuned!


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