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Rambo 4 action scenes

June 19, 2013

rambo-4cover“Rambo” is the movie sequel that made half of Sylvester Stallone‘s image during his acting career. The other half is the “Rocky” sequel.

Rambo 4 is in my opinion the movie that resurrected the sequel and gave it a proper ending. To a great extent the reason for its success is the harshness and pure brutality of the movie. There is a lot of blood, shootouts, violent detonations and huge dose of Stallone’s stone cold presence and muscle power.

Here is an extract of some of the most spectacular scenes from the movie:

1. River pirates – fastest shootout by a single person in the movie history. Only comparable to the shootouts speed in the “Expendables”, also delivered by Sylvester Stallone.

2. Night sniper – a sniper shootout with the movie industry’s favorite sniper rifle (see more of it here)

3. Bomb chase – this is the scene where Rambo made the run of a lifetime, and he had a reason. He was running away from one of the most spectacular detonations in action movies ever.

4. Grand finale – biggest shootout in Rambo 4 – five and a half minutes pure madness. The one thing missing was a body counter.

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