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Luke Evans – a new rising star?

June 15, 2013

evansI have seen Luke Evans in couple of his earlier roles in the movies “Immortals” and “The three musketeers”. I have even forgotten those roles since they were of a supporting actor at most and his performances haven’t impressed me at all. That was until “Fast and Furious 6” when he played the role of Owen Shaw – a ruthless international criminal. And “ruthless” is the right word I think describes Luke Evans’ acting style. At least it is something he is good at performing.


The ruthless criminal

luke-evans-fast-6-imageIn “Fast and furious 6” Luke Evans (Owen Shaw) is cold, precise and calculating. My personal opinion is that he made quite a good role in the that “Fast and Furious” installment and he must take some of the credits for the overall movie success. Owen Shaw alone managed to stand up to Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson and hold his ground. And he made it with a piercing look at his face that will be remembered.

The psychopath

No One Lives“No one lives” is a horror thriller about a concealed serial killer psychopath whose path is crossed by a “regular” gang of criminals. The “poor” criminals initially have no idea what they have done and very soon they begin to die like flies. This is not a movie I would recommend but still the interesting part is the performance of Luke Evans, this time in the leading role of the killer. What you clearly take out of the movie is the same ruthless but also brutal style of his character who kills his victims in an unimaginable manner. The other specific thing about the movie is that at the end the psychopath comes out alive and ready for new brutal deeds.

So the question that pops up at the end is whether we will see Luke Evans in more and more movies with even bigger roles or that was just a momentary flash of an acting to remember. What we know for sure out of his IMDb filmography reference is that we will have the pleasure to see him in the “Hobbit” films that are still to come. Stay tuned!

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