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Revenge is a dish best served cold

June 10, 2013

Dead-Man-DownDead Man Down” is a movie about revenge – deserved, long planned and in cold blood. Colin Farrell is a man whose family has been murdered by a criminal boss (Terrence Howard in the role of Alphonse) and his goal to have his revenge has become the new meaning of his life. Colin Farrell’s character Victor has managed to infiltrate Alphonse’s organization and has become one of his most trusted mercenaries. He has even saved his life only to have the chance to kill him himself. Although it is a trivial story of a regular man with military background who seeks revenge for his lost family, it has some strong points and the movie manages to keep the viewer’s attention. I think Colin Farrell made a good but not great role and still deserves most of the credits for the overall good impression.

The movie is split in two story lines. The one is about Victor and the second one is about a woman (Noomi Rapace) who remained with marked face after a car accident with a drunk driver. In this second story branch Noomi Rapace (Beatrice) also wants revenge with the drunk driver because the scars on her face and the car accident have ruined her life. Beatrice wants the other man dead and she also happens to be a neighbor of Victor. After being a witness of a murder committed by Victor, Beatrice uses that and blackmails him to kill the drunk driver for her. This is where the two story lines collide and from that point the two main characters get to know each other and their past.

IMG_2896.CR2The movie makes you think of the sacrifices one man is willing to make so that he can have his revenge. It tries to show how this could give you purpose, discipline, dedication and motivation to commit terrible but still somehow rightful deeds. On the other hand is Beatrice whose will to see the man responsible for her disfiguration dead, could be interpreted as exaggerated. The movie ending makes you ask yourself whether that other man really deserved to die or it would have been too much.

Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace make an interesting couple of leading characters and I think she was a perfect choice for the role she played. Couple of spectacular action scenes also add up to the good movie impression. As a conclusion it is a pretty decent movie with a few surprising moments which keep the viewer’s interest. It could also make you think for a little longer on the story and the characters involved.


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