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Brian and his Chrysler Voyager in Johannesburg

April 22, 2013

We all know Brian (Paul Walker) for his role in the “Fast and Furious” action sequel. There he is driving sports cars and is a skillful driver. This seems to be the case also in his new movie – Vehicle 19 – except for the sports car. In Vehicle 19 Brian (his character name in the movie is Michael though) is driving a Chrysler Voyager across Johannesburg. But it seems that no matter what type of car he is driving, Brian remains a very good driver in every situation.

Brian's car in Vehicle 19

Brian’s car in Vehicle 19

The plot is entangled around Michael Woods (Brian), an american tourist in Johannesburg (South Africa), who wants to reunite with his ex-wife. She works at the American embassy and she has given him a second chance. Brian tries to make everything possible to get to her but the odds are against him. Very soon he realizes that he has become a vital part in the schema of the local corrupt head of police and is the only person who can prove his guilt.

Vehicle-19When I looked up the low IMDB rating of the movie I was quite sceptical about it, but to be honest, it turned out be quite an interesting action flick. And I am also very pleased with Brian’s performance in many movie scenes. I refer to gestures, mimics etc. And of course I love that there is a moment of a breaking point for the character at hand. This is the point when they have nothing more to lose, they know what to do, and inevitably, even risking their lives, they do it. Brian does it too. He gets shot but fortunately as it turns out, he survives and the bad guys are brought to justice.

Unlike many action movies that involve car chases and action scenes I appreciate this movie’s attempt of an original directing perspective. The entire movie is being shot from inside that very same Chrysler Voyager. This leads to many close-ups of the actors, more drama and in my opinion it wasn’t a bad choice.

Even though the movie exploits the already known plot of some regular guy who is put in an extreme situation that pushes him to his limits and at the end good prevails over evil, I think that movie struggles to make the most out of it. The movie setting is in Johannesburg – I can think of only one other movie that used this city’s setting, the director vision strays from the casual one and the actors’ performances are not disappointing. That’s why I think “Vehicle 19″s end score is “pass”.


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